Indeed the success of any business depends to a large extent on the quality of its workforce. At Wendernek consulting we propose that corporate and people strategy be aligned properly in order to attract, engage and retain the right people within organizations.

To this end, we will deploy the advisory services and hiring solutions that best suits our clients’ objectives.

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We provide timely and cost effective recruitment services which cover:

Staffing And Placement Services: Wendernek’s staffing services provide temporary employees for businesses in need of additional help for a short period of time. Our placement services focuses on filling jobs within specific industries for permanent employment.

Executive Search: Wendernek’s specialized recruitment service focuses on the recruitment of highly qualified candidates for senior-level jobs and talented business leaders. We help our clients identify, evaluate, and recruit candidates with specialized skills by engaging strong networks, referrals and effective negotiation with the prospective targets.

As we immerse ourselves into your business, we will have thorough understanding of your needs, which will helps us bring in our global and local expertise to manage your staffing concerns adequately.

We concentrate on finding the best candidates that fit seamlessly into your organization and have the skills and character needed to contribute to your long-term business goals.